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Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2014 Horoscope

Astrological Predictions for the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign 2014


Nothing very important happens to Sagittarius in 2014 - not until Christmas, when the planet Saturn enters the Zodiac sign. That can be quite demanding, so maybe Sagittarians should be happy that it's mostly preceded by calm, although that's frustrating, too.

       Sagittarians needs activity, or an itch builds up inside. When others lean back and relax, Sagittarius soon stands up and leaves. So, 2014 might get rather frustrating since it seems to be void of adventure. Until Christmas, that is.

       Well, except a brief period of intense activity in mid-September and October, which will be explained further down in this text. That's a swift passing of Mars through this Zodiac sign.

Grim Christmas for Sagittarius 2014

Saturn is a grim power, bringing duty and heavy demands. It tends to be the ball and chains, restricting your freedom and insisting on taking everything very seriously.

       Freedom is a key word to Sagittarians, who don't necessarily need to laugh things off but refuse to regard things as important just because they are supposed to. So, Saturn is not exactly an ally.

Saturn in Sagittarius, Christmas 2014.
The planet Saturn enters Sagittarius at Christmas 2014, bringing some serenity despite the joyous season.

       But when Saturn enters Sagittarius by Christmas 2014, it creates sort of a paradox. Saturn is all about duty, but in the influence of this Zodiac sign its energy will be one causing revolt against duties of old. It's the duty to ignore duties that are no longer relevant.

       Although Sagittarians can appreciate that, it's still a duty and therefore a burden. So, at Christmas 2014 others will reexamine their obligations and reform some of them, whereas Sagittarius will try to find the narrow path to remain unattached to old obligations as well as new ones.

       One can say that the only duty Sagittarians accept willingly is the one to escape duties.

Missing the Main Thing about 2014

The lack of significant events for most of 2014 is particularly frustrating to Sagittarians, since so much seems to happen nearby - but without them being either involved or affected. Mainly, it's what takes place in the neighboring Zodiac sign Capricorn.

       In the world horoscope, Capricorn has major importance - not just in 2014, but every year until Greenwich Mean Time ceases to be the basis of the world's time system.

       Specifically, it shows that home and family get increased value and attention in society. That's where most of the resources are spent and the strongest ambition is aimed at. Society develops more and more towards the family sphere.

       This is enhanced in 2014, because in the New Year horoscope chart Capricorn has five heavenly bodies: Pluto, Mercury, Venus, the sun and the moon. That's half of all planets considered in astrology (where the sun and the moon are treated much like planets).

The 2014 World Horoscope

The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014. Click on it for a bigger image. Click here to read more about the 2014 world horoscope predictions:

The 2014 World Horoscope

       It's an immense concentration of planetary powers to one Zodiac sign, which will be increasingly evident as the year progresses. 2014 will be a lot about home and family, and not much about anything else.

       But it's all but invisible to Sagittarius, since the sign has no aspects to Capricorn. Sagittarians will be surprisingly ignorant of this major thing setting so much of the tone for 2014. Others are confused by this ignorance, but Sagittarians have a hard time understanding their confusion even when they spell it out.

       Generally speaking, Sagittarius is not the most family devoted sign of the Zodiac, nor that dependent on having a home that's a castle. So, what happens in this area doesn't automatically attract Sagittarians' attention. To them, home is little more than a place to sleep between explorations, and the family preferably is a means by which to expand one's contacts.

       Therefore, it doesn't matter much to Sagittarius that so much of what's going on in 2014 is unnoticed. It wouldn't make much difference to Sagittarius' life anyway. But there is a frustration in the vague impression of missing out on a lot of action taking place elsewhere.

Not Much Fun for Sagittarius 2014

The strongest aspect Sagittarius normally has to another Zodiac sign is the opposition to Gemini. But that sign is just as empty in the 2014 New Year horoscope. So, not much is happening there either. It increases Sagittarius' sense of being left out.

       Since it is Gemini, Sagittarians will feel that there's not a lot of fun going on. When there is - because planets activate Gemini, the Jester of the horoscope - they normally feel left out anyway. But now it seems like nobody is having particularly much fun.

       Of course, it doesn't mean that there's no laughter in 2014. It just means that this year will not be memorably more fun than other years. There will still be some laughter - and Sagittarius may not be a prankster, but knows how to find personal enjoyment. Sagittarians can be amused, though often in ways that others fail to see the fun in. And vice versa.

Increased Integrity for Sagittarius 2014

But all about 2014 is not gloomy. Two aspects are stimulating, although Sagittarius' own participation is limited. It's certainly possible to benefit from the action of others. Sagittarius does, helped by Libra on one hand, and Aries on the other.

       Libra is at a sextile aspect distance. In the 2014 New Year horoscope, the planet Mars is a guest in that Zodiac sign. Mars brings raw energy, the ability to act and react with force. It can be constructive but also destructive. In any case, it will make things happen.

       What happens in Libra is that principles and moral questions suddenly become quite important, and reason for battle. It's this way or that. Compromises are not welcome on either side. This clears the air, but it can get quite windy at times.

       To Sagittarius, this is liberating almost whatever principles and moral codes are winning. So, Sagittarians try ever so slightly to stir the quarrel, albeit without actually participating. Somehow, they still manage to contribute to raising the temperature, as well as to find personal benefits from the rumble as such.

       The commotion gets rid of some dust and increases Sagittarius' independence. When basic social values are questioned and reexamined so openly and vividly in society, there's no reason why Sagittarians should not be free to make up their own minds about such issues - and indeed, why not regarding any issue?

       It's a process going on from the beginning of 2014 until July, during which Sagittarius will attain increased integrity - something more precious to this than to any other Zodiac sign.

Some Activity for Sagittarius in the Fall

From July, Mars picks up forward speed through the Zodiac, reaching Sagittarius already in mid-September - and leaving it towards the end of October. That's a quick visit, during which Sagittarians will use the Mars power to gain some additional personal freedom.

Mars in Sagittarius in the fall of 2014.
The planet Mars enters Sagittarius in mid-September, making a stir that ends the previous boredom.

       This time it's not restricted to moral values or even theoretical things, but just about anything every Sagittarius uses it for. It's a force at their disposal, and it will be used. Sagittarius, being a fire sign, knows how to handle the aggressive power of Mars in a constructive way - mainly to break chains and avoid new ones.

New Thoughts to Sagittarius' Delight

The other beneficial aspect in 2014 is the trine to Aries, which the planet Uranus is slowly moving through. It entered the Zodiac sign already in Mars 2011 and will not leave Aries until Mars 2019 - a period of eight years to the month.

       In Aries, Uranus causes the development of new ideas and understanding, revelations about things that are. It's kind of a revolution of thinking, getting rid of old irrelevant ideas and bringing in new ones, some of them so radical everybody gasps.

       Sagittarians can totally relate to that. None of them is afraid of reform. Quite the opposite. They are the first to support it, even before knowing if it's for the better or the worse. They are convinced that change is good in itself. So any change is welcome, especially if it's radical and has a wow-factor.

       In spite of that enthusiasm, Sagittarians are not personally involved in this reform process, nor do many of the new ideas come from their own mind. But that's no reason not to support it. Sagittarius was never about prestige or praise.

       And why not? Sagittarians can easily envision how beneficial this fresh mentality will be, and not the least to those who cherish freedom of thought. The future looks bright, particularly so for Sagittarius.

Nothing Much Before September 2014

So, although most of 2014 is quite boring to Sagittarius, the speed picks up in September, and all through the year there is a liberation process going on, benefiting this Zodiac sign in particular. But hardship will come at the very end of 2014.

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